SRS Abstract for Pliner et al., 1974

Pliner, Patricia, Heather Hart, Joanne Kohl, & Dory Saari, (1974). Compliance Without Pressure: Some Further Data On The Foot-In-The-Door Technique. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 10, 17-22.

This research is a repliction of the original research of Freedman and Fraser (1966) presenting Foot-In-The-Door technique as a sequential request strategy. The theory and rationale of this study is identical to the above study, however, here the participants are measured for actual behavioral compliance. Another difference from the original study is that measurement consisted of a discrete and continuous dependent variable. Procedures called for subjects to recieve either a small, moderate, or no prior request after which a standard message asking for donations was implemented. The results confirm past claims that those receiving prior request FITD are more likely to comply with second and larger requests. Implications of this study are discussed.

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