SRS Abstract for Reingen, 1979

Reingen, P.H., & Kernan, J.B. (1979). More Evidence On Interpersonal Yielding. Journal of Marketing Research, 15, 588-593.

This research tested the sequential request startegies of Foot-In-The-Door (FITD) and Door-In-The-Face (DITF) on verbal and behavioral compliance. The theory and rationale is based on previous literature in this area one specific hypothesis was to test which is better at gaining behavioral compliance FITD or DITF. Participants and strategies were tested through exposure to messagesof overtly selfish requests from commercial entities in or guage the effectiveness of these variables. Proceduresconfirmed predictions regarding the complaince effectiveness of FITD over DITF, however, measurements regarding behavioral compliance were found to be contrary to predictions. The results showed that behavioral compliance rates were not significantly different from control groups. The implications indicate directions for future research.

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