SRS Abstract for Harris, Liguori, & Stack, 1973

Harris, M., Liguori, R., & Stack, C. (1973). Favors, bribes, and Altruism. The Journal of Social Psychology, 89, 47-54.

The rationale for this study was to determine the effects of requesting a favor or offering a contingent or noncontingent bribr upon subsequent altruistic behavior. The participants were 160 people randomly choosen from the telephone book. The messages consisted of questiones that the experimenters asked the subjects. The procedures were based on deviding the participants into different groups. The groups were Bribe condition, Favor condition, Control condition 1, and Control condition 2. The measurement technique was to observe the subjects. The results indicated that there was no significant difference between the two experimental groups and the two control groups when it came to complying with the requests. The implications of this study are that altruistic behavior does not seem to be motivated by the merits of the case alone.

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