SRS Abstract for Harris, 1972

Harris, M. B. (1972). The effects of performing one altruistic act on the liklihood of performing another. Journal of Social Psychology, 88, 67-73.

The rationale for this study was to see whether or not the foot-in-the-door effect would hold in situation in which no thanks for the first deed were given. The participants were 54 people in the Albuquerque area. The messages were questiones that the experimenters asked subjects that they stopped on the street. The experementer's The procedures were based on going out to the mall or a busy street and ask the subjects to engage in a good deed. The measurement in this study was a dependent measurewhich was a request for a dime. The results indicated that people who received no thanks for the first deed were more generous. The implications are that people who do a good deed are likely to do another.

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