SRS Abstract for David Furse et al., 1981

Furse, D., Stewart, D., and Rados D. (1981) .Effects of FITD, Cash Incentives, and Follow-ups on Survey Response. Journal of Marketing Research, 18,473-478


Procedures which include follow-up contacts and messages of monetary incentives have been shown to be effective in improving response rates in FITD surveys. Recently, researchers have found that compliance with a smaller request increases the likelihood of subsequent compliance with a larger request. In this study, the methods had no effect on the participants on the initial response to the message, the mail survey, but did affect the responses to a follow-up request. The cash incentive proved to have a better response than the "foot" theory. Results or measures indicated no difference was found in the overall response rates whether the incentive was sent with the initial or follow-up mailing or with both mailings, which leads to study implications.

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