SRS Abstract for William Dejong & David Funder, 1977

Dejong, W. & Funder, D. (1977). Effect of Payment for Initial Compliance: Unanswered Questions about the FITD Phenomenon. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 3,662-665

Theoretical explanations of the FITD effect lead to the assumption that individuals offered a monetary payment for their compliance to an initial, smaller request message would not be more likely to comply with a larger subsequent requestmessage. Some participants were promised an incentive of 2 dollars for their participation in a telephone survey, while others were not offered the incentive. The results or measures indicated the rate of compliance to a subsequent request for the no incentive group (45.8%) was not higher than that for a no-initial-contract control group (55.6%). The incentive group (78.3%) were more compliant with the second request. The procedures of the study lead to certian implications.

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