SRS Abstract for Cialdini, & Ascani, 1976

Cialdini,R.B., & Ascani,K. (1976). Test of a concession procedure for introducing verbal, behavioral,and further compiance with a request to give blood. Journal of Applied Psycholgy, 61, 295-300.

This article presents a study of sequential requests. Both foot-in- the-door (minimal-then-critical request), and door-in-the-face (extreme- then-critical request) are tested for effectiveness in participants verbal, behavioral, and subsequent help compliance-gaining. More emphasized is the idea of rejection-then-retreat, which is what is used in the door-in-the-face technique. These researchers wanted to find if there were links bewteen source or receiver concession and compliance (a concession for a concession). This study also collects measurement of the differences in effectiveness of foot-in-the-door and door-in-the-face strategies. In the procedures, messages were arranged in a particular sequence or manner to suit the tactic being used. The researchers felt that the results of studying the theory/rationale would show the greatest effectiveness than either of the other strategies (control or foot-in- the-door). Strong implications are provided by this study concerning sequential requests.

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