SRS Abstract for Baron, 1973

Baron, R.A. (1973). The "foot-in-the-door" phenomenon: Mediating effects of size of first request and sex of requester. Bulletin of Psychonomic Society,2113-114.

Theory and rationale in this article examines the effects of prior exposure to small or moderate requests on subjects later compliance to a large request. Participants who complied initially to moderate request messages were predicted to have a higher compliance rate with the larger request than the subjects exposed initially to the small request messages. Also in the procedures, subjects who complied to the initial small request or moderate request were predicted to have a higher later compliance rate than subjects who were only asked the larger request and no initial request. Results showed that contrary to the predictions made, the only compliance rate to the second, larger request that was significant in measurement was that of subjects who were asked the small initial request first. Implications are also discussed.

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