SRS Abstract for Shanab & Isonio, 1980

Shanab & Isonio

The effects of delay upon compliance with socially undesirable requests in the door-in-the-face paradigm Bulletin of the Psychonomic Society, 15,76-78.

The present study was based on the rationale that the door-in-the-face technique works when the request are sufficiently close to one another. The procedure was such that participant (n=82) were recited messages following the DITF format. The time lapse between the two request were averaged at 8.5 days. Results indicated that participants were less likely to comply when it was perceived that the experimenter was yielding to the benefit of the subject than when the experimenter was just perceived as yielding with no benefit. Implications of the study stated that subjects may have been unable to view the two request as interrelated.

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