SRS Abstract for Foss & Dempsey: Study 3, 1979

Foss, R.D., & Dempsey, C.B.(1979). Blood donation and the foot-in-the-door technique: A limiting case. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology,580-590

The rationale behind the third study in the Foss and Dempsey article was to attempt to replicate study 2 while controlling fo the limitations found by the results of that study. Participants included 127 college students who were living in the dormitories. These students received messages that asked their feelings regarding blood donation. The procedure included separating the participants into groups which include a control, a moderate request, a poster request and a maximum request which preceded the critical request of blood donation. Measurements for the study assessed the compliance or the noncompliance with the critcal request of bllod donation. The results indicate that the FITD and the DITF techniques do not work. The implications of this are that once again,researchers have found that these techniques do not work when applied to blood donation.

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