SRS Abstract for Tybout, 1978

Tybout, A. M. (1978). Relative Effectiveness of Three Behavioral Influence Strategies as Supplements to Persuasion in a Marketing Context. Journal of Marketing Research, 15, 229-242.

The effectiveness of foot-in-the-door, door-in-the-face, and persuasion in compliance gaining was studied (Theory). Participantsreceived the requests from both a high and low credible source. They were asked to participate in a new health care plan (message). Experiment 1 was conducted in an in-person setting. Experiment 2 used a recorded speech to make the request (Procedure). In order to assess the effectiveness, measurements were obtained via questionairres. The foot-in-the-door approach was effective in both contexts, yet more so in personal rather than mass media settings (Results). This implies that when possible, foot-in-the-door should be used in-person as much as possible.

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