I enjoy doing research, particularly from a quantitative perspective. In this page I'll outline my main research lines with a brief description of what I'm doing and where I'm going. If you have information that might be useful to me, let me know. Use your favorite emailer

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Healthy Influence

Healthy Influence is the application of persuasion theory and research to health contexts. I have been surprised to discover just how effective persuasion is in a variety of lifestyle choices that play a critical role in a person's health. (I've also been surprised at how mindless people are about their health and lifestyle. Our country doesn't need health care reform; it needs persuasion.)

This has been a major area of work for me for the past 10 years or so. It was clearly important in my work with the Federal government. As the branch chief with the Health Communication Research Branch at NIOSH we were vitally interested in understanding how to communicate health and safety messages in very large field settings. If you thought lab research was challenging, try and make a theory work with 1.1 million fire fighters on a budget of $25,000! (Faster, better, cheaper!) My experience with the Fed was the most important intellectual growth experience I've ever had. There is a big world out there and most academics have no idea what they are missing in terms of theory and research development.

I spent a fair amount of time doing Healthy Influence research at WVU through connections with the Mary Babb Randolph Cancer Center, the Prevention Research Center (I know that meanings are in people, but they should really reconsider that name), and with research colleagues at WVU.

Some of the most interesting research I've done is with Bill Reger-Nash at WVU. Through our collaboration and my work with HCRB colleagues, I have developed what I call a Standard Model of communication based interventions for behavior change. It flows directly out of the foundational work of Carl Hovland with articulations from Richard Petty, John Cacioppo, Martin Fishbein, and Icek Aizen. You can learn more about it at my Healthy Influence website.

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