Unit 15 - The End

General Purpose:  Summarize the processes and effects of mass

Unit Outline

I.   Major Points

     A.   Message ---> Process ---> Effects

     B.   The Message Is the Message

II.  Pattern of Effect Sizes

     A.   Most Effects Small to Moderate - mass media does not have
          a huge impact.

     B.   Stronger Effects on "Vulnerable" Receivers - for example,
          men are more vulnerable to porno messages.

     C.   Effects Moderated by Social Reality - cultivation theory

III. Major Conclusions

     A.   People Influence People With Mediated Messages

     B.   Media Influences Best Without Contradiction - the less
          educated you are, more of an impact

     C.   Effects Operate Without Your Awareness

     D.   And the Truth Will Set You Free - most messages are not
          having a positive effect.

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Notes prepared by Teresa Jones, Spring, 1996. Page created April 21, 1996; updated on October 13, 1999. Edited by Mike Lowry Copyright © Teresa Jones and Steve Booth-Butterfield, 1996.