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Sex in Comm 80

You've heard all the rumors, now we get down to cases. All this week and part of next week, sex comes to Comm 80. We'll be taking a serious look at one of the oldest human interests in the longest and most complex Comm 80 unit. Is it true what they say about Massive Exposure? Find out about the death threats for porno researchers (real Porno for Pyros, this time).

Eiseland Hall is falling down, falling down, falling down

A sociology class literally brought down the house Wednesday, October 4. Stuff started falling from the walls and ceiling causing an early dismissal. Comm 80 moved operations to the Lair Ballroom for a live remote session. We should be back home on Tuesday, October 10 . . . and wear your safety helmet

Test One Is Done . . .

The first test is behind us and the results look good. Check out the Nielsen Ratings for your test score and your attendance scores. The average was 37/50 or about 74%. You can view your answer sheet, the version of the test you took, and the correct answers with Graham during his office hours in Arm 117 .

. . . and Test Two Is Coming

That's right. Thursday, October 26. Be there with your secret decoder rings, Conan O'Brien t-shirts, and the NCS Blue Computer Answer Sheet.

A-ya, B-ya, C-ya, D-ya

While we sounded pretty good during the first practice quiz, I'm expecting a better performance for the second one. You need to do some vocal warmup exercises in the shower a few days before the practice. Remember, there may be only one letter, but it's two syllables.

Have You Checked "Coming Attractions" Lately?

Check out Coming Attractions for the latest class assignments and activites. There's been a major change in our upcoming calendar. Is it true that Steve's going out of town?

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