Comm 80 Coming Attractions

Program Subject to Change so Stay Tuned

Week 6
Tuesday: Academic Achievement
Thursday: Academic Achievement; Spotlight on Beauty Images
Week 7
Tuesday: Prosocial
Thursday: Health
Week 8
Tuesday: Violence
Thursday: Violence
Week 9
Tuesday: Pornography
Thursday: Pornography
Week 10
Tuesday: Pornography; Spotlight on Slasher Movies; Test Review
Thursday: Test Two, October 26, 1995
Week 11
Tuesday: Public Information
Thursday: Public Information
Week 12
Tuesday: Politics
Thursday: NO CLASS, November 9, 1995
Week 13
Tuesday: Politics
Thursday: NO CLASS, November 16, 1995
Week 14
Tuesday: Politics
Thursday: Advertising
Week 15
Tuesday: Advertising
Thursday: The End; Course Evaluation; Test Review
Finals Week
Final Exam, Tuesday, December 12, 1995, 3pm Eiseland
Makeup Exam, Saturday, December 16, 1995, 1pm Armstrong Hall, 1st floor

Been There, Done That

Week 1
Tuesday: Syllabus; Communication Foundations
Thursday: Communication Foundations
Week 2
Tuesday: Exposure, Attention, and Processing
Thursday: Exposure, Attention, and Processing
Week 3
Tuesday: Effects Orientation
Thursday: Effects Orientation
Week 4
Tuesday: Spotlight on JFK
Thursday: Direct Effects
Week 5
Tuesday: Direct Effects; Test Review
Thursday: Test One, September 21, 1995

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