IV. Channel Variables

  1. Channel or Message Modality
    1. Means of transmission
    2. Mediated (print, audio, video) to human
    3. But what distinguishes one type from another: Feedback, control, focus?
    4. You can mix text and image in print or video
    5. A messy and confused variable when you inspect it

  2. Effects of Modality
    1. Good evidence for modality as elaboration moderator
    2. Arguments stronger in human and print
    3. Cues stronger in audio and video

  3. An ELM Analysis of Modality (Booth-Butterfield & Gutowski, 1993; CQ)
    1. Editorials on Ambiguous Topic of Senior Comps
    2. Strong and Weak Arguments (Text claims)
    3. Strong and Weak Cues (Source Credibility)
    4. Print, Audio, and Video Modalities
    5. Results
    6. Interpretation

  4. Channel Conclusions
    1. Functions most often as elaboration moderator
    2. Another reason why TV uses so many cues
    3. Still not exactly sure what distinguishes various channels/media

Attitude by Arg, Cue, and Modality


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