VII. Disconfirmation of Important Beliefs

  1. "Disappointed." from A Fish Called Wanda

  2. When Truth Fails, Festinger et al., 1956
    1. Doomsday group prosletizing about Destruction on October 21
    2. Space ship salvation from superior beings from planet Clarion
    3. Doomsday comes, then goes with no Destruction
    4. Truth Fails, so the group . . .

  3. Feminist Failure
    1. People attempt to solve a word-logic puzzle
    2. Some folks have strong feminist orientation
    3. All folks fail the puzzle, but it really grinds the feminists
    4. All people then serve as mock jurors on sex discrimination case
    5. Guess who gives the toughest penalities and why?

  4. What's Going On Here?
    1. Important belief is directly refuted or disconfirmed
    2. Belief is so important is cannot be altered
    3. Therefore, strengthen the belief to answer the threat

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