III. For Me?: Reinforcement or Operant Conditioning

Main Point: Consequences shape behavior

  1. B.F. Skinner
    1. Authentic American genius
    2. Animals, Boxes, and Bars
    3. Second great form of change

  2. The Rules of Reinforcement
    1. Rewards increase a behavior
    2. Punishments decrease a behavior
    3. No Rf extinguishes a behavior

  3. The Reinforcement Paradigm
    1. When-Do-Get
    2. Situation-Response-Consequence
    3. All three needed for change

  4. Examples
    1. Verbal reinforcement of attitudes (you express ATT, I Rf, your ATT +)
    2. Debate winners versus losers and ATT toward debate issue
    3. Like or dislike courses where you got an "A?"

  5. Summary Points
    1. Consequences shape behavior (and ATTs)
    2. When-Do-Get
    3. Primitive, affective, non-cognitive


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