IV. Mediational Issues in Conditioning

  1. Why Does Conditioning Work?
    1. Contingency Awareness (I say "McDonald's", you say, "Good.")
    2. Normative Fit (I want the researcher to like me)
    3. Demand Effects (Do what the researcher tells you to do)

  2. The Rules of Reinforcement
    1. Rewards increase a behavior
    2. Punishments decrease a behavior
    3. No Rf extinguishes a behavior

  3. The Reinforcement Paradigm
    1. When-Do-Get
    2. Situation-Response-Consequence
    3. All three needed for change

  4. Examples
    1. Verbal reinforcement of attitudes (you express ATT, I Rf, your ATT +)
    2. Debate winners versus losers and ATT toward debate issue
    3. Like or dislike courses where you got an "A?"

  5. Summary Points
    1. Consequences shape behavior (and ATTs)
    2. When-Do-Get
    3. Primitive, affective, non-cognitive

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