Main Point
	Ego Controls Processing

	What is Involvement
	Effects on Processing
	Different Involvement Types
	Applications and Conclusions
Types of Involvement

Object Involvement
	Moderate relation between self and object
	focus on args
	"bottom-up" processing

Value Involvement
	extreme relationship
		I am the object
	trait relation
	"top-down" processing

Object Research
	college adults read editorial about "Senior Comps"
	manipulate Elab Mod, Args, and Cues
	Involvement -  Now or 10 Years from Now
	Args - Strong and Weak evidence claims
	Cues - 3 or 9 claims

Attitude Results
	Involvement produces "trade-offs" between args and cues
	Lo Inv focuses on 3 vs 9 claims
	Hi Inv focuses on strength of claims

Object Discussion
	ELM central route - objective processing mode
	moderate relation between self and object
	trade-offs effect

Value Involvement
	I am the Object
	ELM central route, but Biased Processing
	connect to Social Judgement and the Latitudes

Value Research - A Meta Analysis
	Get all studies and average effect
	found 15 studies with over 1500 participants
	average effect, r = .30 (negative)
	more involvement, less persuasion

Value Discussion
	Compare with Object
		Value has negative effect on persuasion
		Object has positive effect
	Social Judgement effects operating here

Applications and Conclusions
	2 Different Types of Ego Control
	Different Persuasion Outcomes depending upon Ego Involvement
	Both are Central Route, but one is objective, the other biased