Inoculation Theory

Main Point

     The best defense is a good offense.

Unit Outline

I. Inoculation (Ouch! But, it's really good for you)

     A. Why does "brainwashing" work?

          1. Korean War

          2. Cultural truisms

          3. No defense

     B. Medical analogy 

          1. Give the body a weak dose of virus

          2. Body defenses react to beat virus

          3. Defenses are strengthened for stronger attacks

     C. Application to Attitudes

          1. Attack existing attitude

          2. Weak attack activates defense

          3. Defending strenghtens attitude

     D. Weak attacks versus supportive defense 

          1. List all the good reasons for . . .

          2. Listen to this bad news . . .

          3. Why does attack work better than support?

               a. central route processing

               b. own thoughts

     E. Applications of inoculation

          1. Defending against negative campaigning

          2. DARE

     F. Conclusions