CLARCCS Compliance Cues

Main Point

     People employ mental short-cuts when they take the peripheral route.

I.  Review the ELM Routes

     A. Central Route (high EL, issue relevant thinking, args)

     B. Peripheral Route (low EL, cues)

     C. Special type of cue --- Heuristic

II. CLARCCS Rules (Cialdini)

     A. Cialdini's Method (participant observation)

     B. Rules (across occuptions, time, and groups of people)

     C. The Rules are Heuristics

III. Comparison  (If other people are doing it, you should too)

     walk by a small group looking up
     canned laughter elicits more laughter and pleasure rating
     salt the collection plate
     ringers in the audience
     pre-signed contributors on a list
     fake long lines outside a new club

IV. Liking (If you like the other person, you should do it)

     Tupperware parties (Melanie and the basket party)
     Mary Kay cosmetics
     praise study (more praise more liking even if praiser has an angle the receipient knows about)
     Joe Gerard, "I like you" card 13t/month (sells 5 veh/month)
     attractiveness (operates through liking we think)
          Canadian politicians rated by Americans (250% X vote)
     jail sentences

V. Authority (If authority says do it, do it)

     Marcus Welby ads
     "I'm no doctor, but I play one on X and I use . . ."
     power dressing and jaywalking modeling
     Nurse and doctor phone study
          can't give meds from phone orders
          "I'm Dr. Jones and my patient is in room 203.  Go give the patient an injection of this drug."
          95% nurses complied (had to be stopped) even though it was over the phone and a fatal injection 
     More later on this principle

VI. Reciprocity (You should return favors)

     someone has you over for dinner, what must you do?
     "free" gifts and prizes
     Amway leaves small sampler, you use some of it
     "You have won a TV, to claim your prize come to . . ."
     Police sting operations to get escapees.

VII. Commitment/Consistency (If you have taken a stand, you must stay consistent with the stand)

     bait and switch 
     low ball
          take car home after impossibly good deal
          return to discover "error"
     Four Walls of encyclopedia sales
          good education important to your kids?
          kid who does homework gets better grades?
          reference books help do homework better?
          I sell reference books, may I come in?

VIII. Scarcity (If it is rare, take it)

     Limited Time Only
     Limited Number
     Standing Room Only
          we burn the negatives (Olan Mills pix of your kids)
     Home Shopper Examples
          clock running, number sold
     another customer is waiting
     Schedule several potential buyers at same time
          get a good deal on a car, then offer it