Comm 221 Homepage

Into the Next Millenium with Steve!

Persuasion News:What's going on in Comm 221? Check here for the weekly preview and any other late-breaking stories.

Current Syllabus:Assignments, procedures, standards, and other useful information about our course. The copy handed out in class, however, is the Truth.

Gradebook:A listing by your course ID number of up-to-date scores and grades. Please contact me in class or email if you see any errors.

Mail:Got something I need to know about? If it is really, really, really important and you just can't wait for class, send me an email.

Steve's Primer:A hypertext persuasion book presented in an easy, fun, and popular way. It also features that newest tool in learning, The Brain Master.

Printable Persuasion and Influence Notes:My teaching notes in printable format for topics from our course. They are just rough outlines, but most helpful for structure.

Persuasion and Influence Notes:Instructional notes for various persuasion and influence topics from our course. Again, these are just rough outlines, but useful for an overview.

Publications and Presentations:We actually do our own research here at WVU. Get hypertext versions of published and presented scientific papers on perusasion and influence.

My University Homepage:Please visit this page to find links to other course materials, to my curriculum vita, and other related files.

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