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Pulsar Group Travel

2008/04/27-/04/30 Vlad, Jason, Josh R., and Josh M. Trip to Postdoc symposium at NRAO Charlottesville, VA
2008/04/25 Maura and Josh R. Forging the Future of Space Science meeting in Fairmont, WV
2008/04/19-/04/20 Everyone except Maura Trip to GBT for magnetar observations
2008/03/05-/03/15 Dominic Trip to GMRT in India
2008/02/07 Dominic and Stas Washington, DC for WV research fair
2008/01/31 Dominic Charelston, WV. Undergraduate Research Day
2008/01/18-/02/14 Vlad Parkes, Epping (Australia)
2008/01/28 Dunc GB, job candidate interview
2008/01/19 Dunc, Maura, Stas, Callum & Finlay Astronomy day, Clarksburg
2007/10/30-/11/1 Vlad GB, copying Mark5 data
2007/10/27-28 Everyone (except Vlad and Stas) Trip to Green Bank
2007/08/11-20 Vlad "40 Years of Pulsars: Millisecond Pulsars, Magnetars, and More", McGill University, Montreal
2007/07/25-/08/12 Jason Green Bank, WV. GBT Drift350 observations
2007/07/08-/07/15 Jason and Josh R. GB for Single Dish Summer School
2007/06/01-/06/30 Jason and Dominic Green Bank, WV. GBT Drift350 observations
2007/05/21-/05/23 Dunc,Maura,Vlad,Jason and Josh R. GB for Pulsar Workshop
2007/05/15 Everyone Green Bank, WV for WVU day at GB
2007/04/25-29 Vlad GB, NRAO postdoctoral symposium
2007/02/19-/03/05 Dunc Parkes, Australia for observing
2007/02/4-8 Maura Stanford, CA for GLAST symposium
2007/01/18-19 Dunc Washington, DC for WV research fair
2006/12/11-15 Dunc and Maura NRAO Charlottesville
2006/11/6-10 Vlad NRAO Charlottesville, Colloquium talk
2006/11/2-3 Dunc LIGO and SKA meetings in Boston
2006/10/28-29 Everyone! Trip to Green Bank
2006/09/7-9 Dunc, Maura, Vlad and Callum GBT workshop
2006/08/1-18 Dunc, Maura and Callum IAU Symposium, Prague