George Habib


I am an undergraduate student here at WVU. I am doing bachelor degrees in Physics and Math. I came to West Virginia in August 2006 from Saint-Marc College in Egypt. I have always been interested in astronomy and physics. I always read books about this amazing part of science. I was always interested in how the universe was created and how it evolved and especially how Black Holes were formed. I am working now with Dr. Maura McLaughlin on data from the Parkes High (PH) Latitude Survey. The part that I am working on involves the search of single pulses from known pulsars as well as search for new pulsars. I have also worked on data taken from the RRATs pulsars using the Parkes Telescope. The results from the PH survey are published here. I am hoping to finish my undergraduate studies here at WVU and I might also do my graduate studies with Dr. Maura McLaughlin and Dr. Dunc Lorimer.