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Pulsar Group Talks

2008/01/19 Dunc Pulsars: timekeepers of the cosmos Astronomy Day, Downton Clarksburg, WV
2007/10/20 Dunc A bright millisecond radio burst of extragalactic origin LIGO LSC Hannover, Germany
2007/09/27 Dunc Pulsars as astrophysical tools Colloquium at James Madison University, VA
2007/06/14 Dunc Pulsars as astrophysical tools Talk to GB summer students
2007/05/21 Dunc The canonical pulsar population - an observer's perspective Pulsar statistics workshop, Green Bank, WV
2007/04/14 Dunc Gadgets and gizmos for pulsar astronomy WVU IEEE meeting
2007/01/25 Dunc Relativity and magnetospheric physics with the double pulsar system WVU Geology colloquium
2006/12/14 Maura A RRAT infestation NRAO colloquium
2006/12/13 Dunc The Galactic pulsar population NRAO lunch talk
2006/11/03 Dunc Pulsars and strong gravity US SKA consortium
2006/11/02 Dunc Pulsar population overview LIGO LSC talk
2006/10/26 Maura/Dunc Searching for exotic pulsars WVU SC2 meeting
2006/10/14 Maura Looking at the Sky with Radio Eyes WVU Alumni Lecture