Breughel's "War of Angels"Blake's "Temptation of Eve"Westall's Adam and Eve Banished from Eden

The images (left to right) represent the War among the Angels (Breughel), the Temptation of Eve (Blake), and Banishment from Eden (Westall)
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English 261: Survey of British Literature, Pt. I

crn 82016, sec 003 - 102 Oglebay Hall - TuTh 1:00 - 2:15

Patrick W. Conner, Eberly College Centennial Professor in English
G-13 Colson Hall


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The Norton Anthology of English Literature, 8th edition, Vol. 1, M. H. Abrams & Stephen Greenblatt, eds. Paperback (2000) New York: W.W. Norton & Co. ISBN 0-393-97487-1.




• 25: Introduction
• 27: Backgrounds to Beowulf: Bede and "Caedmon's Hymn," "The Wanderer," "The Battle of Maldon," "The Wife's Lament," and "The Dream of the Rood."

• 1: Beowulf
• 3: Beowulf [QUIZ]
• 8: Piers Plowman [selections]
• 10: Backgrounds to Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: Geoffrey of Monmouth, Sir Thomas Malory, and all works by Marie de France
15: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
17: Backgrounds to Chaucer;  The Mystery Plays and all of the Middle English Lyrics.
• 22: Chaucer: "The General Prologue" and "The Miller's Prologue & Tale."
• 24: Chaucer: Wife of Bath's and Pardoner's "Prologues" and "Tales" and the "Nun's Priest's Tale."
ONLINE RESOURCES FOR MEDIEVAL PERIOD: Readings in Old and Middle English with Seamus Heaney reading from his translation of Beowulf; Alliterative and Accentual Poetry; Center for Studies in Oral Tradition; Benjamin Bagby's Beowulf; Luminarium (Middle English); John Matthews Manly's useful commentary on Piers the Plowman; Debra Schwartz's comments on Medieval Allegory; Images from the Gawain manuscript; The Chaucer Pages; Images from the Ellesmere manuscript of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales; The Ruthwell Cross (Image); The Ruthwell Cross (Commentary); Ezra Pound's "Ancient Music";

• 1: Backgrounds to Renaissance or Early Modern Period: Skelton, Queen Elizabeth, & "The Wider World"
• 6: Spenser, The Faery Queen, Book I
• 8: The sonneteers: Thomas Wyatt, Henry Howard, Spenser's "Amoretti," Phillip Sidney's sonnets
• 13: Phillip Sidney and William Shakespeare's sonnets
• 15: Marlowe, Doctor Faustus
• 20: Ben Jonson, Volpone
• 22: The Metaphysical poets: Donne, Wroth, Herrick, Herbert, and Marvell
• 27: Francis Bacon
• 29: Milton: Paradise Lost
• 1: Milton: Paradise Lost

ONLINE RESOURCES FOR RENAISSANCE/EARLY MODERN PERIOD: Norton Archive for the 16th Century ; Luminarium (Renaissance) ; Elizabeth, The Golden Age Trailer ; The Edmund Spenser Home Page ; The Folger's "History and Form of the Sonnet" Page ; Excerpt from William Sharp's The Sonnet ; Linked Sources for Philip Sydney from Wikipedia ; A Biography of Christopher Marlowe ; A Good Shakespeare Page ; Norton Archive for the Early 17th Century ; Luminarium (Early 17th Century) A Biography of and Links for Ben Jonson ; Studying the Metaphysical Poets ; "John Donne" from ; "Andrew Marvell" from ; Robert Herrick page ; Images for Paradise Lost ; The Milton-L Home Page

• 10: Background to Restoration/Eighteenth Century: All selections by Pepys and Addison & Steele plus William Hogarth, "Marriage a la Mode"
• 12: William Congreve: The Way of the World
• 17: Aphra Behn: Oroonoko
• 19: John Dryden: "MacFlecknoe," "Song for St. Cecelia's Day,"  "Alexander's Feast" 
• 1: Samuel Johnson: Selections from The Dictionary  and Lives of the Poets
• 3: Jonathan Swift: Part 4 of Gulliver's Travels: A Voyage to ... Houyhnhnms" & "A Modest Proposal"
• 8: Alexander Pope: "The Rape of the Lock"
• 10: Thomas Gray's "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard"

ONLINE RESOURCES FOR RESTORATION/EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY PERIOD: Norton Archive for the Restoration/Eighteenth Century ; Luminarium (Restoration/Eighteenth Century) ; Timeline incl. 1660 to 1689 ; Pepys's Diary (Excellent online Resource) ; The Modern Essay: Addison, Steele, and Defoe ; Hogarth with linked images from most of the series of engravings ; Women and Restoration Theatre ; The Way of the World ; The Aphra Behn page ; Luminarium's John Dryden page ; A Guide to Samuel Johnson ; Notes on Jonathan Swift ; The Rape of the Lock homepage ; The Thomas Grey Archive ;

•17 at 3:00 - 5:00 pm (subject to change) [THIRD EXAMINATION] The third examination will be given at the scheduled time for the final examination.  See the grading policy below, and please note that this examination will be focused on the 18th century, but will nevertheless include material from the first and second parts of the course.