5/05 - 6/04:

Bacterial expression and isolation of an VEGF protein.
6/04 - 05/08:
Non-Mechanical Liquid Crystal-Based Fluid Control, Patent Pending
05/08 Dr. Theron Pappas has graduated



Dr. Pappas graduated May 2008. CONGRATULATIONS!

I attended high school at The Linsly School in Wheeling West Virginia. During my time at Linsly, I became interested in the sciences, especially during my junior and senior years. My favorite classes were physics II and chemistry III taught by Professor Bisbocci, who previously taught chemistry at Ohio State University. His unique teaching style and enthusiasm was the catalyst that started me on the path towards a career in chemistry. After Linsly I attended Cornell University in Ithaca New York. Early on at Cornell my interest in chemistry was reinforced. During my first semester I was privileged to experience chemistry through the eyes of Dr. Hoffmann (who won a Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1981) when I took his honors general chemistry (CHEM 115) class. Graduating with a degree in chemistry from Cornell was very challenging, as I had to balance my school work with the demands of being on the swim team.


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  1. 2006: (1130-7; 3/14/06; 3:45pm; Room 203A): 57th Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy
  2. 2005: The Application of Systems Biology Methodologies to Environmental Research; BEKC Modeling Membrane Affinity Interaction with Bilayered Micelles
  3. 2004: The 15th Annual Frederick Conference on CE/Proteomics; BEKC Analysis for Affinity Interaction of Cationic and Neutral Compounds



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