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Natural Products: Acourus Calamus
Protein Expression and Purification: VEGF
12/06-6/09 Immunoaffinity Assays for CE and microcantilever
Physical Characterization of Phospholipid-Based Liquid Crystals
6/09-now Separation of steroids via CE
phospholipid assisted separations of bioanalytical compounds (proteins, oligosaccharides, nucleic acids, antibodies)

I enjoy solving new puzzles and seeing the results have a practical use. I am a Ph.D candidate at WVU where I focus on bioanalytical separations of a number of targets including: proteins, oligosaccharides, DNA, and steroids. Over the last few years I've had a number of training experiences in various bioanalytical techniques including protein expression, separations techniques, bioconjugation methods, and emerging methods of analysis such as atomic force microscopy (AFM). I am currently studying novel ways to separate and analyze biomolecules using capillary electrophoresis (CE) techniques that incorporate bio-relevant phospholipid additives. I enjoy working in group situations and love the experiences of working with undergraduate students during the summer and school semesters. I also work on my communications skill with "nonscientific" communities by keeping my own blog and regularly contributing to West Virginia University's GradBlog program.

2006-now: PhD student, Holland Research Group, West Virginia University, WV, USA
2002-2006: B.S. Chemistry, West Virginia University

  • January 2010: Named a STEM Fellow for the 2010 academic year
  • May 2009: WVNano Bridge Awardee
  • January 2009: Named a STEM Fellow for the 2009 academic year
  • January 2008: Named a STEM Fellow for the 2008 academic year
  • Fall 2007: "Seminar in Nanoscience"
  • Summer 2006: "Entering Mentoring" Summer Training, Faculty of the Future, HHMI National Academies Project
  • 2006-now: C. Eugene Bennett Fellow

Antibody manipulation, Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Capillary electrophoresis (free zone, affinity, MEKC), biopolymer analyses, internet distance collaboration, smart nanomaterials, protein expression and purification techniques, single gel electrophoresis (COMET) assay


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  4. Developing Analytical Tools with Smart Nanomaterials , SA Archer-Hartmann,LA Holland, WVNano Symposium, Morgantown, WV, May 2009\
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