How to Mail a Web Page

by Dennis Allen

This brief guide to mailing WWW pages (text only) works for Netscape 2.0 and above.

On the top line of the Netscape screen, just below the blue part, click on "OPTIONS" (fourth word from the left). Then click on "MAIL AND NEWS PREFERENCES." A window will open with little headings at the top. Select "SERVERS" by clicking on that heading.

Type the following into the space provided:

(If you are using this at home with a Slip/PPP account: the Server is: Also, if you put this address into Incoming Mail too, you can read your mail through Netscape by clicking on Window at the top of the Netscape screen and then selecting Netscape Mail. The advantage to this is that it will send pictures and, if you mail a page to your account, the page will come up complete with pictures and the links willwork.)

Now click on "IDENTITY."

In the spaces provided, fill in the following:

At the bottom of the window, click on OK.

Now, if you find a page you want to mail while surfing Netscape, you can just click on "FILE" at the upper left corner of the window, then click on "MAIL DOCUMENT." A window will open up. Fill in the e-mail address on the first line ("Mail to"). The URL of the page should appear in the message part of the window. Even though you can't see it, the page is there too. You can now click on "SEND." Be sure to wait until the document is sent before you click on anything else. (The window will disappear once the page has been mailed.)

WARNING: Delete your i.d. after mailing

Since the machines you use to read Netscape are public machines, you need to make sure that you go back and DELETE your name and user i.d. from the "IDENTITY" file of "MAIL AND NEWS PREFERENCES" (under OPTIONS) before you leave Netscape and the machine. If you don't, people can mail things with your name on it and the FBI will soon be after you . . . .

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