Annotated Bibliography on
Gender Inequities: Theory, Practice, and Progress or Lack Thereof
Mary Ellen S. Jones, 20 July 1998


As a teacher in the secondary schools, I chose to view a range of learning ages, from primary grades to the first-year college composition course. I researched gender issues in four journals from 1995 to current issues 1998. The journals were The Reading Teacher, English Journal, The Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy (formerly known as The Journal of Reading), and College Composition and Communication.  What I discovered was that each journal had few articles about gender.

Of the articles that did address gender issues, all proved that gender inequity is still very much an issue in the classroom--one which we as educators must all be aware of or  run the risk of the negative effects of complacency. I, for one, do not want to be the reason why female students do not succeed in my classroom or future classrooms. I do not want to think I already know it all about this subject, and forget to be self-reflexive about my own teaching practices. Keeping up with the theory and practice of gender and literacy (reading and writing) will be a welcome life-long process for me.

Annotated Bibliography

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