MAC Instructions

Written by L. Brady

When you're using E-mail, you often need to upload and send through E-mail a document you've written in Microsoft Word. At the other end of this process, you often need to download a mail message onto a disk so that you can save it and read it in Word format.

The following instructions are in 2 parts:



There are three basic steps to uploading and sending a WordPerfect document via E-mail:

  1. you save the file in a generic format;

  2. you transfer it from your disk to your E-mail account;

  3. then you import the file into a mail message and send it.

These steps, described below, assume that you are using Microsoft Word on a MAC, that you have a VM/CMS E-mail account, and that you are using the FETCH program on a MAC machine. Specifically, these instructions are written for use in the computer lab in 209 Armstrong.

Any time you see a word or letter in bold type and all caps, that means you hit those keys.

Save your Word file as a generic file

Once you have written a file in Microsoft Word and saved it, you save it again (as a copy) as a "text only" file--a generic word processing system that removes all codes (such as underlining, bold, etc.).

  1. Get into the file you want to save as a generic text.

  2. Pull down on the FILE menu and highlight "SAVE AS"

A window will open up. In it, you can find an existing folder or create a new folder for e-mail; decide on the name of your file in the box where it says "Save current document as:"; and choose the format of the file where the box at the bottom of the window says "Save as file type:"

Upload the file from your disk to your mail program via FETCH.

FETCH is a Macintosh program that lets you transfer files from any Macintosh machine that is connected to the internet to any FTP site. More simply, FETCH will let you take the draft that you've written on your disk and send it to me on e-mail without any re-typing.

Find the FETCH icon on the MAC screeen. It usually has a picture of a little brown dog that will "fetch" your file.

Double click on the FETCH icon. A window will open up that says "Open Connection" at the top. It will ask you to fill in the host name, user name, and password:

Fetch will establish the connection and open up a new window that will say "Fetch: host-address.edu" This window has several sections. The left side should show a file list of everything that's on your e-mail account. Above the list, you should see your name or user i.d.

In the middle of the window, next to the file list, you'll see two buttons: PUT FILE and GET FILE. If you click on the PUT button, that will let you PUT something from your disk (either a floppy in the A: drive or your hard drive) onto your e-mail account. This is called up-loading: you are putting something up on the e-mail server. (If you click on the GET button, you would GET something from your e-mail account so you could copy it onto a floppy. This is called down-loading since you are taking something down from the larger computer where your e-mail is stored and placing it on your own disk. I'll tell you more about this later.)

Just below the GET and PUT buttons are three other, smaller, buttons: Automatic, Text, and Binary. These let you select the type of file you're going to transfer. If you know that you are transferring text, click on the "Text" button. If you know you are transferring something like graphics, click on "Binary." If you're not sure, leave the "automatic" button filled in; this means FETCH will take a guess for you.