Creative Writing at WVU

The English Department offers a sequence of courses that can lead to a formal concentration in creative writing. This concentration may be part of the larger English major or a minor within the College of Arts and Sciences. Students enroll in a minimum of 15 hours of creative writing courses in poetry, fiction, or nonfiction.

Courses at the introductory level are open to any student with an interest in creative writing. After successfully completing an introductory course, the student can register, but only with the instructor’s permission, for advanced workshops and special topics courses in writing. For students who choose this concentration, a senior seminar is offered as the capstone course, in which a student completes a major writing project. This capstone course, English 273, cannot be taken unless the student has accumulated nine hours of creative writing courses.

Any qualified undergraduate student may pursue the creative writing concentration regardless of major. The concentration may also be selected by any qualified Arts and Sciences student as an approved minor in English/Creative Writing.

For additional information, contact Professor James Harms at  304-293-3107 ext. 451 or email

Creative Writing Courses

Creative Writing: Fiction. An open enrollment introduction to the writing of fiction.

Creative Writing Workshop: Fiction. Advanced workshop in creative writing for students seriously engaged in writing fiction.

Creative Writing: Poetry. An open enrollment introduction to the writing of poetry; practice in the basics of image, metaphor, line, form, sound and voice.

Creative Writing Workshop: Poetry. Advanced workshop in creative writing for students seriously engaged in the writing of a major group of poems.

Creative Writing: Non-Fiction. Introductory course in the writing of non-fiction.

Creative Writing Workshop: Nonfiction.  Advanced course in the writing of nonfiction.

Topics in Creative Writing. Advanced work in creative writing; course content changes with genre of special topic (fiction, poetry, nonfiction).

Creative Writing Seminar.  Individual projects in creative writing pursued in a workshop setting.