Please take a few minutes to tell me about your background and experience and to give me some idea of subjects that interest you.  I will use this information to help tailor this course to your concerns and interests.

PART I: Background and Experience

1.  Have you taught college composition previously?       Yes____    No ____

2.  If your answer to 1 is "yes," how many college composition courses have you taught?

 3.  Have you had other kinds of college teaching experience?  If so, please specify the kinds of teaching you have done.

4.  Have you had elementary, middle, or high school teaching experience?   Yes____    No ____

 5. Have you had any formal training (i.e., classes) or informal training (i.e., workshops, inservice programs) in teaching writing?  Yes____    No ____ 6.  As an undergraduate, did you take an introductory composition course? 7.  Which best describes the type of undergraduate school you attended?

PART II: Subjects of Interest to You

Please indicate your interest in discussing and learning about each of the following by numerically ranking the items in each group.  Use 1 to indicate the item most important to you in each group, 2 for the next most important, and so on.  You can, if you like, rank several items equally.

Group 1 (Please rank from 1 to 5, with 1 representing your highest interest)
_____ Making an initial evaluation of students' writing skills
_____ Designing a course, syllabus, and writing assignments
_____ Responding to student writing
_____ Integrating computers and composition instruction
_____ Understanding the theory that informs teaching practices

Group 2 (Please rank from 1 to 5, with 1 representing your highest interest)
_____ Helping students plan their writing
_____ Helping students write for different audiences
_____ Helping students organize their writing
_____ Helping students revise their writing
_____ Understanding the theory that informs writing practices

Group 3 (Please rank from 1 to 5, with 1 representing your highest interest)
_____ Helping students respond to each other's writing
_____ Helping students evaluate their own writing
_____ Helping students identify and correct errors in grammar and mechanics
_____ Understanding the theory that informs language use
_____ Possibilities for doing advanced research projects in composition or linguistics

Please feel free to make other comments or to raise questions or concerns.

Acknowledgement: This survey is based on a questionnaire used by Irwin Weiser and  the Composition Program at  Purdue University.

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