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General Resources

Online Resources for Professional Writing and Technical Communication:

Brochure Information

The first assignment in ENGL 208 asked you to create a print brochure for statistics from the National Marine Fisheries Service. If you want to see how that government organization presents statistical information on the WWW, check out their website.

National Marine Fisheries Service Statistics

Translating Technical Information for Nonexpert Readers

The "Dear Nerd" column in the Dominion Post guides novice computer users through the basics--largely by translating technical terms and concepts into simpler terms and by using lots of analogies and examples. In addition to the Dominion Post, the column appears in the Charleston Gazette (WV), and the Arizona Daily Star (Tuscon, AZ).

Check out some past "Dear Nerd" columns on author Chris Stout's website.

Professional Editing

Take a look at an interesting article about editing under deadline: "Editing a Moving Target" (1997). The author, Mary Stoughton, is an editing, writing, and indexing division manager at the Editorial Eye, Inc. (EEI), a company that specializes in technical and business communication and publication. She is the author of Substance & Style: Instruction & Practice in Copyediting and teaches EEI's "Intensive Introduction to Copyediting" and "Improving Editing Skills" workshops.

For more advice, Purdue University Online Writing Center discusses editing in terms of High Order Concers (HOC) and Low Order Concers (LOC)

Instruction Manuals

A New York company called Electronic Communications Strategies offers a few tools to help design an electronic communications program

. Nebraska's Game and Parks Commission offers a guide to Field Dressing Big Game (like deer).

Recommendation Reports

Take a look at the CommerceNet/Nielsen report on Internet User Demographics. This is actually an Executive Summary of the full report, but it should give you a sense of format for short reports. (The Nielsen summary is about five pages long; the full report is book-length.)

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