ENGL 208: E-Mail Submissions

To be certain that your drafts or responses reach your conference professor and no one else, please send your work in a new message addressed to your conference professor. To help you keep a record of your submissions, we recommend you use a descriptive subject line that indicates which assignment you are submitting. Most students find it easiest to compose and save their assignments on a word processor. To send the assignment, we recommend copying the text and pasting it into a mail message (rather than using an attachment). This process is simple, it generally avoids problems with incompatible file formats that can make an attachment look like alphabet soup on your reader's screen, and it provides your professor with an e-mail version that is ready for immediate comment. This process does assume that you are working in a Windows environment on an IBM/compatible or a Mac, and that you are using a mail reader program such as Eudora, Pegasus, Netscape Mail, or Microsoft Mail.

  1. Compose your document on your favorite word processor and run a spell-check.
  2. Save a copy of your document on disk, but then keep the document up on your screen.
  3. Choose "select all" from the "EDIT" menu to highlight the whole document.
  4. Choose "copy" from the "EDIT" menu to copy the whole document.
  5. Open your mail reader by either exiting your word processing system or simply by opening a new window.
  6. Compose a new mail message to your conference professor.
  7. Place the cursor in the body of the new mail message and then go to the "EDIT" menu and select "paste" to paste in the copy of the assignment that you just wrote.

We'll ask you to practice this process during the first week or two of class by composing a brief note of introduction to your conference professor. If you have any problems, be sure to ask for help from either your conference professor or from someone in one of the computing labs on campus.

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