OBJECTIVES FOR ENGL 108 for Education Majors

One section of English 108 (Advanced Composition) is always reserved for English Education majors. This section is designed specifically to improve the writing (and reading) of prospective teachers and to prepare them for English 295 (Approaches to Teaching Composition).

English 108 considers questions such as: What processes are involved in writing? What processes are involved in reading? How do we learn or teach these processes? How can we teach writing in a way that benefits from the interrelationship of reading and writing? To begin addressing these questions, students will:


Students will typically complete three or more writing projects. The projects often practice a range of styles and contexts such as expressive or descriptive writing, reporting, analysis, evaluative writing, or argumentation.


Students typically read and write responses to:


Every English 108 syllabus should include:

Attendance and Participation Policies

Late Work Policy (might include policy about making up missed work)

Special Needs Statement (inviting students to talk to the instructor about special learning needs)

Social Justice Statement


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NOTE: The West Virginia Writing Project has a fairly extensive library of texts on writing and the teaching of writing. Please contact Margot Racin, Director of the West Virginia Writing Project and Coordinator for Undergraduate Writing, Department of English, 244 Stansbury for more information.