Morris Dancing is ritual dancing from England - Thats right ENGLAND, NOT Ireland or Scotland. It is very ancient going back at least to the time of the crusades but probably much earlier. Extant teams, while relatively few in number, are found all over England and there are lots of revival teams.

I was first introduced to Morris Dancing by my grandfather, who in his youth had played concertina for the local Morris Men. The team died, literally, at the time of the First World War. He took me to see the Britannia Coconut Dancers at Bacup when I was 6 and I never forgot it. As an adult I have danced with the City of Bangor Morris, Cornstalk Morris and Pythian Street Morris and Chris was a coat carrier for the City of Bangor Morris (it was an all male team) and has danced with Cornstalk Morris and Pythian Street Morris.

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