The role of the scientist is to break the laws of nature.

- Steen Wiladsen -


Cloning and genetic modification are in existence because the promise for possible benefits. Aside from the benefits of cloning animals, there are many supposed benefits, which would be brought by human cloning. However, it is important to point out the majority of these listed benefits are just assumed possibilities, since the cloning of humans has not yet been completed. People who are in favor of human cloning say that the technological benefits clearly outweigh the possible social consequences. Cloning cHuman cloning could help infertile couples have the children that they were never able to have before. Current treatments for infertility, in terms of pregnancy, are not very successful. They are estimated to be less than 10 % successful. Couples go through physical and emotionally painful procedures for a small chance of having children. In many cases, couples run out of time and/or money without successfully having children. Human cloning could make it possible for many more infertile couples to have children than ever before possible. Finally, human cloning would be extremely beneficial in the fields of plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries. Silicone breast implants and other cosmetic procedures that may cause immune disease could soon be over because of the technology associated with cloning. Instead of using materials foreign to the body for such procedures, doctors will be able to manufacture bone, fat, connective tissue, or cartilage that matches the patient’s tissues exactly. Anyone will be able to have changes to their bodies without the fear of any related consequences. Victims of accidents where their faces or limbs were deformed should now be able to have their features repaired with new, safer technology. an help to produce discoveries that will affect the study of genetics, cell development, human growth, and obstetrics. Cloning can allow us to better understand and create superior cures for those diseases. Cloning may very well be a viable way of life in the future.


There are many benefits to human cloning. One being, that as a result of cloning, there has been a breakthrough with human stem cells. Embryonic stem cells can be grown to produce organs or tissues to repair or replace damaged ones. Skin for the burn victims, brain cells for the brain damaged, spinal cord cells for the quadriplegics and vital human organs could be produced. In the future, it may be possible to produce needed tissues for suffering people without the worry that the tissues might be rejected by their immune systems. Also, conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, heart failure, degenerative joint disease and other problems may be made curable if human cloning and it’s technology are not banned.


Human cloning and the technologies associated with cloning, should be allowed to be legalized and practiced due to the benefits that cloning could add to society and quality of life itself. Human cloning could be beneficial in the areas of cell development, infertility, and various types of plastic and reconstructive surgery. The benefits of human cloning clearly out number the few social side effects that may result from it. If society decides against the legalization of cloning, it will greatly regret it in the future because we will one day have a great need for it and will be lost without it.


In conclusion there are many beneficial reasons to allow the legalization of cloning in society. This is a broadened summary of just a few:

  • Solve the problem for infertile couples, or if one parent has a genetic disease.
  • Parents who have lost a child could have another baby.
  • Homosexual couples can have a baby.
  • Humans may be cloned for organ donations, thus eliminating transplantation lists.
  • Eliminate defective genes.
  • Research for genetics.
  • Medical breakthroughs.
  • Eliminate liver failure, kidney failure, leukemia, cancer, cystic fibrosis, baldness, etc.
  • Repair nervous system injuries.
  • Rejuvenation: cloning brings the possibility to reverse the aging process.
  • Remove the need for cosmetic surgery.
  • Help to attain a greater understanding of miscarriages.
  • Create repair mechanisms to treat medical tragedies.
  • Create organisms with the ideal design.
  • The prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
  • Eliminating viral epidemics, such as, like HIV.
  • Help to create modified animal organs that can be transplanted in to humans easily.
  • Endangered species could be saved.
  • Research funding.