NIBRS Hate Crime Files (1995-2000) in SPSS and Microsoft ACCESS 2000 Formats

James J. Nolan, III, West Virginia University

F. Carson Mencken, Baylor University

Jack McDevitt, Northeastern University

NIBRS is rich with information about reported hate crimes, but,it is also a very large and very complex data set that can prevent researchers and analysts from using it to its full potential. One of the two primary goals of this project was to make the NIBRS data accessible to law enforcement, government and public policy officials, researchers, crime analysts and others. In this section of our report we provide 1) instructions for accessing and downloading NIBRS data from the National Archive of CriminalJustice Data (NACJD) and preparing it in SPSS and Microsoft ACCESS formats, and 2) data files in SPSS and Micrsoft ACCESS that have been prepared for secondary analysis. These data files can be downloaded from this site along with codebooks for each file. There are three SPSS data files and one Microsoft ACCESS file. The SPSS files are prepared by "unit of analysis:" 1)an incident-level file, 2) a victim-level file, and 3) an offender-level file. The Microsoft Access data file isset up as a relational database with multiple tables and pre-defined queries (SQL).