If you are considering applying to West Virginia University to work in my lab, please be aware of the following:

1. I routinely have more students interested in working with me than I can take on. Plant population biology and conservation biology are popular. I recommend visiting WVU and my lab at a time convenient to both of us so that we can get to know each other prior to any admission decision. Please email me at: jmcgraw@wvu.edu to set this up, or call 304-293-5201 x31532.

At the moment (Fall/Spring, 2012/2013), I am not actively recruiting new students. However, I would consider mathematically-oriented students for demographic modeling studies using our LTREB data sets on American ginseng (see LTREB data set description).

2. If you are a PhD applicant with excellent GRE scores, please have your application completed by Feb. 1 or earlier; it may be possible to nominate you for special university fellowships. If you apply on your own for NSF Graduate Fellowships or some other source of support, all the better.

3. You should know, coming in, what my expectations are.

(a) I expect my students all want to become professional biologists; they are going to graduate school with a purpose in mind, and they are wanting to put themselves in the best possible position to achieve that goal,

(b) My students are expected to publish their research: 1-3 publications for a Masters, 3-5 publications for a PhD; these are minimums.

(c) My students are expected to "play well" with others, i.e., we are a collegial group of students/postdocs/collaborators, and we want to keep it that way! In fact, my lab members are routinely leaders in departmental social as well as scientific activities.

4. If I accept you as a student, I will do my best to:

(a) provide summer support, in addition to the teaching assistantship you will be offered, and

(b) support your development as your advisor the best way I know how with meetings upon request, timely review of proposals and manuscripts, and helpful critique of your work.

5. To learn more about the application process, please visit the department's web site.