Research Publications (since 2000)

(current as of October, 2012)


Bennington, C. C., N. Fetcher, M. C. Vavrek, G. R. Shaver, K. Cummings, and J. B. McGraw.  2012.  Home site advantage in two long-lived plant species:  Results from two 30-year reciprocal transplant studies.  Journal of Ecology 100: 841-851.

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Souther, S. and J. B. McGraw.  2011. Local adaptation to temperature and its implications for species conservation in a changing climate.  Conservation Biology 25(5): 922-931.


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•McGraw, J. B.  2006.  Threats to wild ginseng.  Invited article in HerbalGram 70: 55. [Unavailable in pdf form]


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