West Virginia University in Vendée, France


Exploring the Wild and Wonderful

Île d'Yeu

23 juin 2011



Just a footnote about yesterday before we go on with our adventures.  You will remember that Lady Kiley had a birthday on Tuesday, and fearing that we had not honored her respectfully enough, the Lastingkoffs had ordered a feast for our morning break at the Atlantes.  She decided it was unnecessary for us to break into a song once more...


Now this morning, we board the Ogia, for our hour-long crossing to the Isle of Yeu.  Shannon does not seem quite as enthusiastic as Kiley and Jenney, but do not worry, she will do just fine.


As is  often the case, we are travelling with a group of elementary school children on a field trip.  Before we are on the island, many will have been sick.  Not our Vendéens though.  Just look at them!


We arrive at Port-Joinville, the main port on the island...


...and we go pick up our bicycles.  Tourists (like us) cannot bring a car on the island, as there is no ferry.  There are also very few roads, so the situation could become difficult very fast.


Well, Dr. Lastinger has found a way to get a car and follow the Vendéens, although it is by no means as enjoyable as a bicycle ride.


Our first stop is a dolmen, those Neolithic monuments scattered throughout the region.


Jana decides to get a fishing lesson from Dr. V. (quite the expert, mind you). With Jana's trusted pocket knife, I show her how to lift up a barnacle from a rock, slide the blade around and eat the fish al fresco.  Too bad I did not remove my shoes, notice that they are soaked by the rising tide.  It was just too cold, and don't let Jana's light attire fool you.


Waves and rocks.  This is why we come to the Île d'Yeu.


This picture helps you see the beauty we bring everywhere we go.  If only you could hear the wind and the waves!


Same here...


Now, we don't quite know what to make of this...  Will we be dancing at a wedding before we go back to Morgantown?  Rest assured, it is all in good jest, Merry Miranda has taken Serious Sam quite by surprise.


This is the site we pick to have our lunch.


I know, I know, I can hear your gasps of disbelief...  Such unusual fare for us...  The trays are fine, but notice that our poor vegetarians do not have much to eat, as they eat neither beast nor fish...  Luckily, there is bread and cheese, and, of course, healthy chips.


Now, about desert...  This delicious prune tart is the specialty of the island, as the Lastingkoffs well know.  Last year, as soon as the Vendéens heard "prunes," they wouldn't have a bite of it.  This year therefore, the Lastingkoffs came prepared with doggy bags (well, actually, we got the bags on the boat and they weren't for doggies...).  Unfortunately, we said "prunes" again, and this year, the Vendéens ate every crumb!  We were barely able to salvage a piece for us two!  It is good though to see that food is appreciated.


Our picnic site is shaded, windy, but oh, so pleasant!


Ahhh, a good meal...


We walk around the picnic site and take a few pictures.


Michelle contemplating the panoramic view.


Jana likes to climb, but she obediently comes back to a less perilous perching when called.  (Dr. O didn't even like taking this knee-quivering picture!)


Amanda simply enjoys the rocks that match her jacket and glasses.  How could she possibly have known that when she dressed this morning?  Being in France really helps your fashion sense.


Group picture before our afternoon adventures...


Our next stop is at the Old Castle.  The skies are darkening on the other side, and it is almost cold for a few minutes.


The Old Castle in all of its glory.


The Lastingkoffs...


...and their charges... We are heading back to the continent, and I can assure you that after a full day of sun, wind and biking, we are TIRED!


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