West Virginia University in Vendée, France


Welcome, Dr. Mike!

15 juin 2011


Three times a week, we gather in our classroom in Les Atlantes.   These crucial periods do not yield as many interesting pictures as our field days, but we want to take you today to our inner sanctum, where we study, discuss, suffer, laugh and prepare vodcasts.

The first activity on the day after an excursion is always the highlight of our time together: the much awaited quiz, where students have the opportunity to demonstrate all they have learned from our guides. 

Let not the serious faces and the quizzical looks fool you--no one here is anxious about not knowing an answer.  Kiley and Amanda are not chewing on their finger tips; they are just pondering on how to phrase their judicious answers best.  Just look at Jenney in the back: she has her answer down and can't wait for the next question.



After checking all together as a class the students' impressive responses to their professors' clever inquiries, we all take a break.  The Lastingkoffs have been anxiously preparing for today's much anticipated event: Dr. Mike has come to review--and instruct-- the troops.  Will we pass muster...? Will we have done all we could do to showcase our students' talents?  As you can see, we are most worried about the outcome of this inspection...



It is now time to prepare for tomorrow's excursion in the Abbaye of Nieul sur l'Autise, birthplace of no lesser a lady than Aliénor of Aquitaine. 

The 2011 Vendéens have passed their examination with flying colors.  From Dagobert to Aliénor to the history of the plow, they sailed through it all, deemed fit for further instruction.  Dr. Orlikoff had several shots of Dr. Mike teaching, but only this one truly did justice to his enthusiasm.


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