West Virginia University in Vendée, France


Down to business

6 juin 2011


Our campus is located in Les Atlantes, a conference center with a beautiful overview of the bay of Les Sables


The building, erected in 1999, is inspired by the boat industry, so important to this region.


Our classroom is Le Clipper, and we cannot miss it.


For the next few weeks, our Vendéens are going to learn (and sometimes pull their hair out) in this very comfortable space


The Lastingkoffs have thought of everything for the comfort of their hard-working students.  A ride on the merry-go-round during our 10 minute-break should provide much needed relaxation.



Now, it is time to work on the videos that will be published for the benefit of Virtual Vendée, an on-line course students can take in the summer.  You can preview their handiwork at http://www.as.wvu.edu/vlastinger/Vendee-2011/Tableau-Vod-2011.htm

Here we see group Mélusine editing their video.  One of the most difficult tasks with the vodcast is to transcribe the interview with the native speaker for the subtitles.


Samuel is wringing his hands, Brittany is biting her nails, but Kiley seems to have the Clemenceau project under control.


The three Aliénors are very involved; it looks as if their project is going to go viral.  Allez Aliénor!


After lunch, the Lastingkoffs go to the train station to pick up Joshua Marris (Vendée 2009).  Josh just spent a year studying in Grenoble and makes a little detour through Les Sables before a last jaunt in northern Europe to visit friends in Finland, Latvia and Lithuania--quite the man of the world!  While in Les Sables, he wants to visit with Mme Dupont, who served as his host mother in 2009.


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