West Virginia University in Vendée, France


Les Sables, nous voilà!

4 juin 2011


This is a most studious group of students...  Anxious to  enjoy the week-end with their host families, our groups are hard at work during our 3½ hour-ride in the TGV.

Miranda obviously is determined to enjoy her studies!  Or maybe she remembers the days (around 1866) when that same train ride took 12 hours.


Aliénor gives its video its full attention, so it seems that Miranda is not having so much fun now!


Sam, Brittany and Kiley prepare the Clemenceau group's vodcast on Paris.


Although you may not have guessed it at first glance, Mélusine is also at work: note that Jenney has her notebook open in front of her.  This group was very diligent and most of their work is done.


Jana and Holly, the other half of Mélusine, is also taking it easy and enjoying this relaxing train ride across the fields of France.


Once in the train station, this is our traditional picture time.  Here, Amanda poses with Mme Riffat.


Brittany and Kiley will lodge with Mme Dupont, one of our oldest host families in Les Sables.  We can guarantee that a good time will be had by all.



Jenney will be hosted by the Ménager family, rendered famous by Mr. Ménager's starring role in the famed vodcast, "C'est bon, j'ai le pain!" in 2008.  Maybe we will be treated to a repeat performance this year.



Mme Le Huédé takes home Holly and Samuel.  This is the second year that the Le Huédés will host some students.


Jana and Michelle will be hosted by Mme Trichet-Grelaud, who is also a pro at opening her home to WVU students.


Sannon will be hosted by Mme Vallette, who will be traveling to California later this summer.


Miranda goes home with Mme MacLoughlin.


Mme Le Bourhis' work has made it possible for all of our students to have a good home.  Mme Le Bourhis is Dr. V's aunt.  Merci, Tante Jacqueline!


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