Established in 2000, the West Virginia University Eberly College of Arts and Science’s School of Applied Social Sciences brings together three academic programs dedicated to preparing students for rewarding careers in professions in service to society, communities, and people. Consisting of the Divisions of Public Administration, Social Work, and Sociology & Anthropology, the school seeks to bring together these programs in order to enrich learning opportunities for students, encourage collaborative effort in research and discovery, and to engage others with outreach and service efforts that serve West Virginia, its communities, and beyond.

Today, approximately 1,200 students are enrolled as pre-majors, majors, or graduate students in the programs offered by the School of Applied Social Science’s academic divisions. The School promotes various research efforts, including major studies on health and human services programming, public deliberation, and rural communities and institutions. The School regularly hosts and sponsors events that raise awareness involving pressing social issues and concerns. The School is also a leader in outreach and service efforts that involve faculty projects, student service learning activities, and internships.

We invite you to learn more about the various programs and divisions that make up the School of Applied Social Sciences by visiting the various links identified on this web page.

Please feel free to contact Dr. L. Christopher Plein, Assistant Dean of the School of Applied Social Sciences if you have any questions.