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Week-by-week syllabus of Physics 201, Physics: Concepts and Connections, Fall 1998

TEST 3 material

Weekly Schedule

October 27... Dynamics, Part 1

Moving from Kinematics to Dynamics... Galileo and Kepler to Newton

Multiplying vectors of velocity and acceleration by mass... mv and ma.

Introducing Force and Momentum...

Identifying real causes of force... looking at NET force vs real forces.

Newton's Three Laws... understanding their consistency and interactions.

Applications of Newton's Laws... by Newton and by us... using Interactive Physics and Films.

Concepts of Weight.. and Weightlessness


Exploratories: Pair teachers. Each pair must develop two applications of each of Newton's Three Laws and demonstrate/explain them to the others. Each application of the laws must include at least three forces on a body. At least one application of each law should include use of physical equipment available at the site.

Assignment: Ch. 4. Review Questions 3, 8, 12, 24 ... Home Project 2. ... Exercises 7, 12,17, 19, 20, 26, 28, 32. ... Problems 4, 13.


November 3. ... No Class. .... VOTE!!!!


November 10. ... Dynamics, Part 2

Newton's Laws QUIZ... Do you REALLY understand his laws?

Rotational Motion... Applying Newton's Laws to the Whirlygig and other rotating objects... toronados...

Newton's Law for rotation. The concept of rotational forces (Torques)... the concept of rotational mass.

Collisions... and conservation of motion... linear collisions and rotational collisions.

Limitations of Newtonian Physics... the other realms of mechanics...

Looking at Figure 5.17



1. Set up collisions of balls of equal mass (billiard balls if possible or on Interactive Physics). roll one ball at another ball initially at rest. Make observations of the "before" and "after" effects and discuss relations between before and after. Then use balls of different masses. Make predictions before observations of what you think will happen when lighter ball hits heavier ball at rest and when heavier ball hits lighter ball at rest. Discuss automobile collisions using conservation of momentum. By the way, these discussions are held in fourth grade classes in Germany.

2. Set up human torque experiments and discuss their explanations in sports, in toronados.

Assignment: Ch. 5. Review Questions 4, 8, 18, 19. ... Home or School Project as described in book... add use of scale in elevator if possible... might assign one group to do at their school and report results... OR set up simulation using Interactive Physics. ... Exercises 10, 14, 15, 17, 18, 22, 30. ... Problems 4, 8, 11 (Numerical Problems should be done by secondary teachers but explained to the others)


November 17. ... .Test 3 and Beginning of Energy Concepts