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Tentative (Draft)

Week-by-week syllabus of Physics 201, Physics: Concepts and Connections. Fall 1998

TEST 1 material

Weekly Schedule

September 1:

Requirements of the course, role of the mentors. The Habits of Mind necessary to study science; how to identify and emphasize them. How students learn; the learning styles. A pedagogy which emphasizes all students' learning styles: the Learning Cycle. The role of history in learning science. How knowledge builds on the ideas of others. Taking account of preconceptions. Finding out what students already know Setting a basis for their knowledge. Building models. The history of the Universe. The Big Bang model.

Tasks: Register, fill out information sheet, list email addresses, raise questions, etc.

Exploratories: Learning Styles - done at site

Black Box ­ at site or take home

Logic puzzles - take home

Polymer Fun ­ done at site

Discussion: Chapter 1 Discussion Question 3

Home Project: Chapter 1 Home Project 2. Build "Magan" tube.


September 8:

The Big Bang Theory of the Universe. Quarks and temperature. Protons and Neutrons. Atoms and Molecules. The rise of Electricity and Gravity. Formation of Galaxies and Solar Systems. The solar system as a model of Gravity in Action.

What moves? Evolution of a Sun-centered system and planetary motion. The Moon and Satellites. Sun-earth and earth-moon.

Light as a measure of large distances.

Exploratories: Cutting Cones. The shape of motion in space

Curved Space. Lycra model

Discussion: Chapter 1 Exercises 2, 15, 19

Homework: Chapter 1 Exercises 3, 6, 8, 22 Problems 3, 5


September 15:

Development of the Models of the Atom. Putting the evidence together and why the models need to be changed. Quantization and Quantum Theory of the Atom and the Periodic TableSizes in the Universe. The emptiness of space inside the atom. Comparisons to gravitational systems.

Exploratories: Chapter 2 Home Project 1

Discussion: Chapter 2 Review Questions 9, 12

Homework: Chapter 2 Exercises 3, 6, 16, 23, 25 Problems 2, 6, 8


September 22:

The Periodic Table and Chemistry. Atoms combining to form molecules. Which ones combine and what is conserved? Molecules combining with molecules. Which ones combine and what is conserved? Humans and plants helping one another and needing each other.

Exploratories: Home Projects 2, 3

Ball Bounce

Discussion: Review Questions 22, 23, 26


TEST 1 ­ Chapters 1, 2. Obtain from Internet and/or Email. Done on Honor System. Due at beginning of class on September 29 or sent by email or fax before September 29.