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Logic Puzzle Solution


Runaway Train isn't "Whoopee!"[Batman the Ride (4)], "Geronimo!", "Banzai!" (5), or "Cowabunga!" (7); it's "Timber!" "Geronimo!" isn't Gr. American (3) or Skull Mt. [Knott's Berry Farm (2)] (6); it's Viber. "Cowabunga!" isn't Gr. American (3); "Banzai!" is. "Cowabunga!" is Skull. "Timber! [Runaway Train] isn't Six Flags (1), ch Gardens VA (2), or Playland [Great American (3)]; it's Dorney Park. "Geronimo!" isn't B Gardens VA [couldn't be Jethro (1), Lenny (2), Kerry (5),rin, or Hannah (6), so couldn't be placed]; "Whoopee!" is. "Geronimo!" is Six Flags. Jethro isn't "Cowabunga!" [Skull], "Timber!", "Geronimo!" [Six Flags], or "Whoopee!" [Busch Gardens VA] (1); he's "Banzai!".Kerry isn't "Timber!" [Dorney Park], "Whoopee!" (4), or "Geronimo!" (5); she's "Cowabunga!". "Whoopee!" [BuschGardens VA] isn't Lenny (2) or Hannah (6)he's Irwin. Lenny isn't "Timber!" (2); ah is. Lenny is "Geronimo!"



Hannah....."Timber!".....Runaway Train.....Dorney Park

Irwin....."Whoopee!".....Bat the Ride.....Busch Gardens

Jethro....."Banzai!".....Great American Scream Machine.....Playland

Kerry....."Cowabunga!".....Skull Mountain.....Knott's Berry Farm

Lenny....."Geronimo!".....Viper.....Six Flags Over Texas


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